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Come travel with us!

As you may have gathered by now, we are both avid travelers and photographers. Annika specializes in boudoir while Linda excels in travel and lifestyle shoots. After the hundreds of trips we have taken together and separately, we have come to the conclusion that we want to share our adventures with YOU! We have traveled through almost every continent and been to too many countries to list, so you will be in the good hands of some true travel experts!

Now to be clear these would be adventure trips, and not luxury resort get-aways…so make sure you’re on board with that! But we are both super easy going ladies, who love to make memories while eating delicious food, drinking fruity cocktails, and taking gorgeous photos.

This week long trip would be to a tropical destination (TBD) in 2020. It would include your food, board, activities, and photoshoots - meaning you can pack all those flowy dresses and get some killer shots of yourself or your girl gang. We will also be offering boudoir sessions during these trips - but if getting into your skivvies for a shoot isn’t your thing, no worries, there will be plenty of other fun experiences included!

We are still planning out the details, but if this sounds like something you may be interested in let us know! The more people who show interest, the faster this trip will come to fruition - so DON’T BE SHY AND SAY HI! Dropping your email below, will also ensure that you are the first to find out about updates, win-win!!